“Wow!  What a wonderful tour!  Our trip with Travel Meets Culture exceeded my expectations by a long shot! The logistics and coordination of travel were seamless.  It was the kind of tour I could only have taken with these two experts, Christiana, a native German speaker and musician and Lee, an experienced traveler and art historian.  This trip was very much an insiders’ tour of Southern Germany.  We stayed in local, German run independent hotels which were lovely and well situated and furnished.  We ate in local restaurants suggested by Lee and Christiana and often accompanied by them as well.  The scenic beauty of the area was incredible.  We were escorted by our guides in a very comfortable vehicle and were able to take back roads and discover hidden gems such as regional markets, festivals and activities.  We enjoyed hiking in the mountains but  also the high culture of both large and small burgs.  I loved the choices available to us most days and appreciated the flexibility of the itinerary thanks to the small group and our interests.  Their knowledge of architecture, art, music and history made this trip enriching, fun and intellectually exciting.

I would recommend this tour of Southern Germany to anyone wanting to enrich their knowledge of history, music, art and culture.  The expert leaders combined with the small group made this the ideal way to see this beautiful place and appreciate its people, culture, and history.”

Southern Route – Sept. 2018

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