Dresden & Berlin

We're excited to offer a 10-day tour of two of our favorite German cities May 9-19, 2023


Welcome to Travel Meets Culture! We invite you to take a walk through Germany’s history as we follow three routes. They take you beyond the typical sights and include rare gems that might not be on every tourist’s agenda while leaving plenty of room for fun, leisure and individual exploration.

Christiana and Lee
Christiana Whittington & Lee Emerson

Meet your guides:

Your hosts Christiana and Lee are former colleagues who co-taught music and art history for many years. Christiana, a native German, who recently retired from a career teaching music, will add the unique insight of a local. Lee, who specialized in architecture and art history, will bring a new perspective to the way you see structural and decorative masterpieces in Germany. Together, they will give you a heightened understanding of some bigger themes of German history, music, and current culture.

Our Spring 2023 trip: Dresden and Berlin

In both Dresden and Berlin, 17th and 18th century monarchs amassed astonishing wealth and used it to build great buildings and exceptional art collections. Both cities attracted and nurtured outstanding musicians, craftspeople, and scholars, contributing to a rich culture throughout the region that endures to this day. Please join us for a journey through these two outstanding cities and their surroundings.

Berlin Sunset

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Our three classic trips:
The Rhine, the East, the South

Though it is no longer the patchwork of kingdoms it was before unification in 1871, Germany remains a land of differences. Today, Germans enjoy their regional differences, which they consider a fundamental part of who they are. That’s why we offer three different tours, each focusing on the distinct character of each region.

Rhine Route:
The Rhine River, a major trade route since ancient times, is witness to Germany’s Roman past and medieval commerce and defense. Its stunning landscapes have inspired countless artists, poets, and musicians. We’ll begin our tour in the picturesque town of Heidelberg, travel to the ancient Roman city of Trier, and then explore Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bacharach on the Rhine, and more. As we travel, we’ll trace the history and development of Germany’s rich culture from its earliest days through unification, to the arduous days after WWII and its amazing reunification after 1989.

Rhine Valley

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Eastern Route:
Hidden behind the Iron Curtain, religious and cultural treasures were almost forgotten for decades. While towns fell into disrepair, many survived the Communist era. The carefully restored buildings, witnesses to the rich intellectual and musical heritage of the area, are waiting to be discovered. We’ll visit a few special towns and cities that represent this vibrant part of Germany: Berlin, Quedlinburg, Erfurt, Dresden, and more.

Spree River
Spree River, Berlin

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Southern Route:
This region of the Alps is steeped in tradition. Devout Catholicism has inspired some of the most remarkable Baroque buildings. Beginning at Lake Constance, we’ll follow an ancient trade route that leads us to Augsburg, skirts the mountains as far as Salzburg, and ends in Munich. Along the way, we’ll visit Bavarian castles, enjoy leisurely mountain walks, and trace the lives of the composer Mozart and the German expressionist artist Gabriele Münter.

St. Bartholomew’s

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What our clients say:

“This past fall I went on the Southern Route tour offered by Travel Meets Culture and had my eyes opened to so many parts of German history and culture, from the stone age to present day. Lee and Christiana are fabulous guides. Christiana’s German and music backgrounds and Lee’s art and art history backgrounds make … Continue reading Caitlin


“Wow!  What a wonderful tour!  Our trip with Travel Meets Culture exceeded my expectations by a long shot! The logistics and coordination of travel were seamless.  It was the kind of tour I could only have taken with these two experts, Christiana, a native German speaker and musician and Lee, an experienced traveler and art … Continue reading Kathleen


“Our experience with Travel Meets Culture exceeded our expectations. Our tour was the East German Route and we found the comprehensive approach to German culture and history provided by Christiana and Lee both stimulating and entertaining. We seamlessly transitioned from discussions about music, architecture and history as we visited various sites and towns. All of … Continue reading Rachelle


“Touring East Germany last spring with Lee and Christiana as my guides was an unforgettable experience. It was well organized with comfortable accommodations and interesting sights,  but what I enjoyed most was the educational piece with what we saw. With the combination of Lee and Christiana, they were very knowledgeable in the history, the architecture, … Continue reading Sharon


Image source: Pixabay

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